April 30, 2022

ISREV 2022:  Regrettably, this Summer’s  2022 ISREV meeting is canceled.  There will still be a meeting of  trustees and an Annual General Meeting sometime between 12.00 and 16.00 UK time on Friday 5th August 2022.  A reminder  and agenda will be sent in advance.

            ISREV 2022-2023:  In order to keep ISREV lively and engaged, we will arrange some single online seminars between now and the 2023 meeting.  For these events, consideration may be given to papers that were due to be presented in 2022.

            ISREV 2023:  The ISREV meeting in 2023 will be virtual, probably from Monday 27th July to Friday 4th August 2023.  Details on the timings and exact dates and programme will follow .  It is hoped that most or all of the papers already proposed and accepted for the 2022 meeting can be transferred directly to the 2023 meeting.  Also, there will be a call for additional, new papers for the 2023 meeting.  The deadline for these new paper proposals will be Monday, 12thSeptember  2022.  The deadline for new and already accepted full papers for ISREV 2023 will be Monday 8th May 2023  Please note:  any papers already proposed and accepted for 2022 will be automatically rolled forward unless the presenters indicate otherwise.  

            ISREV 2025:  We plan to have a face-to-face ISREV meeting from Sunday 27th July to Friday 1st August 2025.  We hope and expect this to be in Montreal hosted by Stephanie Tremblay and John Valk.

            ISREV 2025  onwards:  We expect to hold ISREV events in 2027, 2029, and so on,  i.e. moving from “even number” years to  “odd number years.”    That will be discussed at the AGM meeting this August in case there are any difficulties with the change.                                                                

Trustees and committee members are committed to keeping members informed throughout these challenging times, and we look forward to meeting you at future ISREV sessions in whichever forms they take.

Sincerely and with best wishes,

Gloria Durka, President, ISREV                                    

 Julian Stern, General Secretary, ISREV