2021 Session

ISREV Session XXI 2021

ISREV’21 Gothenburg Schedules & Abstracts

Owing to the change of circumstances from the COVID disruption, ISREV has determined not to process a call for ISREV fees this year. Therefore, presenting members at ISREV this summer do not need to process their membership fee. We will carry over existing membership and registration from the previous cycle. A few members have already paid their membership registration fee for the current period. These will be credited for the next call due to commence in January 2022, in advance of the next ISREV 2022.

The Twenty Second Session of the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden from 25-30 July 2021. This has been moved from the original plan for an event in 2020, because of the pandemic.  

Plenary speakers will include:

Hanan Alexander (who will present the John Hull Lecture) (Israel)

Bert Roebben (Belgium/Germany)

Petro Du Preez (South Africa)

Stéphanie Tremblay (Canada)

Ina ter Avest (Netherlands) 

We are now in the middle of planning more concretely the first digital ISREV – a zoom meeting. Since we know that there are questions about how it will work, we now send you our rough schedule. 

We are having the conference Monday-Friday 26th – 30th of July between 9-15 (Swedish time) with additional activities 16-17 such as a book launch, a journals meeting (BJRE and the Journal of Beliefs and Values), a joint discussion about conditions for high quality RE research in times of distance work (opportunities and threats), and a traditional social evening. 

In addition to traditional chairs and respondents, there will be in each session a zoom-host and persons to mail or phone if there are questions about how to work with the digital system.

We will have an open zoom room for informal conversations ongoing for the whole conference, but also special breaks with breakout rooms in relation to sessions that we just attended. 

For the social evening, we suggest films that a presenter introduce so that we can have a good mix of entertainment in a nice ISREV style during an hour or so. A volunteer, who coordinate the entertainments, would be very much appreciated. Please contact me if you are willing to take on such a task. 

There will also be a short film available during the conference, a Gothenburg presentation, which will remind us that we normally have ISREV outings. 

A committee meeting Sunday afternoon 25th of July 15-17 will precede the conference, and the ISREV Annual General Meeting will be on Friday July 30th, within the time frames.

You confirm your attendance to the conference (register) by sending the attached registration form to isrev@ped.gu.se at the latest 7th of May, the same date as your full paper is to be sent to isrevmailing@gmail.com . There will be no conference fee for the conference.

We looking forward to the XXII session of ISREV – the first digital one