Membership of ISREV is by peer review. The academic work of the proposed new members is reviewed at the time when they are nominated, and again when full membership is being considered.

Membership in the Seminar proceeds in two stages. New members are designated as Associate Members, and after some time when certain academic conditions are met, they may be voted into full membership. Full Members may nominate appropriately qualified religious education scholars to be considered as Associate Members.

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ISREV Members’ Subscriptions

The two-yearly subscription is £100. This will be paid to the ISREV Treasurer (Stephen McKinney), who will send out separate reminders. Only UK £ and the equivalent in Euros will be accepted. All members, both full and associate, are expected to pay their subscriptions. The subscription is a condition of ISREV membership, and is payable whether or not the session is attended.

Research students attending the seminar will be charged a registration fee of £20. No other currencies will be accepted. This will be paid to the ISREV Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer (Stephen McKinney or Bob Bowie) on arrival at the seminar.